Math and science

Since antiquity, philosophers Pythagoras and Plato sea noticed how mathematics intervenes in nature, in people’s lives, such shapes and controls the universe with no fixed laws can be influenced and controlled by men.

Over time they have looked for explanations about the strength of Math and science, about the laws of physical reality, about the close link between mathematics and other sciences and especially the formation of the human mind from matter. Too many answers have not been found, even mystery was deepened and more.

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Math and science school

Math and science school

The most important connection between mathematics and the universe was discovered by physicists Kepler and Newton have learned that going solar system planets on orbits shaped ellipse. These curves called ellipses were first studied by Greek mathematician Menaihmos year 350 I.Ch so long before. Hence, mathematicians have made other discoveries, other laws, strings of numbers with strict rules, chemical equations, gravity, number pi, the structure of DNA, Brownian motion, etc.


Gradually appeared another question, and a new research theme: mathematics independence of the human mind or not? People figure only mathematical truths in the same way as astronomers discover new planets or mathematics is a human invention? If mathematics as a human invention as explained when so many mathematical models of the cosmos? Why are endless strings of numbers, as is the Universe?

Science and mathematics

Many mathematicians have concluded that mathematics is a breakthrough. Numbers and math have their own existence, whether people realize it or not. Others disagree with the concept of discovery, they consider that man created from elements of math pron physical world. George Lakoff and Rafael Nunez scientists write the book “Where do the math” and give the following definition: “Mathematics is a natural part of being human. It appears from the bodies, brains and our daily experiences in the surrounding world ”


Maths for science

This view raises interesting questions. If mathematics invention is a fully human, is it universal? If extraterrestrial civilizations exist, they would invent the same mathematics? The great scientist Carl Sagan believed that the answer to this question is yes. He says it is highly unlikely that a natural physical process could transmit some radio messages only primes. If we receive such a message, I deduce that there civilization somewhere who likes primes. What we call our math can be just a possibility of a rich diversity of species of mathematics.

Some cosmologists have recently discussed the possibility that our universe to be part of a multiverse, a huge ensemble of universes.

Specialists in molecular biology and cognitive sciences bring to the discussion a different perspective, based on the study of mathematics faculties. Pentru some not very different language. After thousands of years in which people were staring at two hands, two legs and two eyes appeared abstract definition number two.

Mathematics scientist

Very few scientific subjects today still use old ideas of three thousand years. Not as things happen in mathematics. Even if certain results demonstrate the necessary formalism changed, mathematical results themselves do not change. It is important to understand whether mathematics was invented or discovered to understand if and God was invented or discovered. God has created people in the image or the people of God have invented their own image?

Pythagoras played a pivotal role in the history of astronomy, the first who supported the spherical shape of the Earth, independent movement from west to east in the opposite direction of rotation of the planets, constellations properties. He said the numbers are bricks that form the universe and the principles by which it works. Aristotle believes that Pythagoras and his pupils were the first to have started the math and made it to progress because they really were fed math and revered numbers. They are the parents’ search cosmic order “and founders of pure mathematics, based on the demonstration, unlike their ancestors, Egyptians and Babylonians believed that an abstract science without practical purposes.

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