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Magoosh MCAT sets itself apart as one of the only budget MCAT prep courses on the market today.

This MCAT course includes 1-12 months of access to 380+ video lessons, 3 practice tests of over 700 practice questions, detailed text explanations, email assistance, and a 7-day money-back guarantee.

About Magoosh MCAT

Magoosh has been making waves in the test prep scene, primarily for their online and on-demand course options. These affordable study plans (priced at about ¼ of the competitors), can be accessed pretty much anywhere, as their test prep is fully supported on PC, Mac, Droid, and iOS.

Magoosh’s MCAT course consists of 380+ on-demand video lessons, which cover concepts, common errors, and potential shortcuts. Over 745 practice questions means that you will feel more prepared having worked through MCAT-style problems. Practice questions all come with detailed text explanations. Their science and MCAT team is available for email assistance and will answer whatever questions come up during your MCAT prep journey.

Magoosh only offers live, on-demand classes for the MCAT. Currently, there are no options for students who are looking for tutoring or one-on-one instruction. If this sounds like a course you are interested, continue reading our full Magoosh MCAT review!

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7-day money-back guarantee if you don’t like the product for any reason

Course Pricing Options

1-Month Premium Magoosh MCAT

Price: $79

Summary: 1 month of access to 380+ video lessons, 3 practice tests, 700+ detailed text explanations, email assistance

12-Month Premium Magoosh MCAT

Price: $99

Summary: 12-month of access to 380+ video lessons, 3 practice tests, 700+ detailed text explanations, email assistance

All of the MCAT courses offered by Magoosh are backed by a 7-day money-back guarantee. If you are unhappy with the product within the first 7 days of purchase, you can simply email the company and receive a full refund.

Similarly, if you do not see a 10-point score increase from your old scores, you are eligible to receive a refund. For this to work, however, you must have taken the new MCAT before studying with Magoosh and be able to provide the “before” score report when signing up. You can see more details regarding eligibility here.

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Curriculum Review

The 380 video lessons for Magoosh MCAT span all the MCAT sections and are broken out by course topic and will be marked once you have gone through the lesson. Within each individual lesson, you have the ability to leave feedback on the lesson as well as take notes for your own future reference.

Magoosh gmat

The video lessons can seem a bit simplistic and do not go in-depth on any given topic. The main reason most students purchase the MCAT course by Magoosh, however, is for their large bank of questions. Over 745 questions are available to practice on, which tend to be harder than questions asked by the AAMC on the MCAT. When you answer a question, you will be able to check out the text explanations for each answer choice, detailing why this answer is either correct or incorrect. Similar to the video lessons, you can take your own notes related to that question for future reference. The questions to work through are a mix of both passage-based and single questions that are well-explained and easy to understand.



When you purchase the Magoosh MCAT (in which you also have 7-days to request your money back if you aren’t satisfied), you will gain access to your Dashboard. In this Dashboard, you will have access to your video lessons, practice questions, as well as additional review and free resources. All of this requires you to be online to view and practice on.

Students can check out their results summary of the sections that show you how many questions you have practiced on, your pace, as well as the average pace of other students. You can choose to continue practicing just one section or customize your practice as you see fit. For a more in-depth review, you can check out the analytics by using the Review tab, where you can filter through individual questions and see what gaps you still have in your MCAT knowledge.

Who Needs This Course

Magoosh MCAT is for those who are considering home study and are simply looking for an effective tool for reviewing and practicing on questions. Students who will do well with this course are those who want to study alone and are able to find their own motivation outside of a classroom full of peers. Khan Academy is already a great (and free) tool for reviewing, but Magoosh is going to provide the bank of practice questions that make test day a breeze.

Although Magoosh provides ample practice, you will still need to make sure you acquire some AAMC practice tests to add to your arsenal for gaining real MCAT question experience.

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