Questions and tips for mastering the contents of tasks. You cannot begin to solve This Math Problem, not having understood clearly what job, and not setting, what are the details and the desired or assumptions and conclusions.

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Tips to Solve This Math Problem

First tip: don’t rush to start the task. This Council does not mean that the math task must be solved as can be slower. It means that the task should be preceded by training, which consists of the following:

a), you must first familiarize yourself with the task of carefully reading math content. When it seizes the overall situation described in the task;

b) after reviewing the objective, it is necessary to understand its content. When you do this, you need to follow such a Board: select data and the desired task and the task to proof-assumptions and conclusions.
If a task or associated with geometric shapes, it is useful to make a drawing to the task and indicate in the drawing data and search (this is also the Council, which must follow the apprentice).
In the case where the data (or intended) in the task not marked, you should enter the appropriate designations. When solving the task text of algebra and analysis began introducing the desired symbol or other variables taken during the search.

 Solve This Math Problem

Already in the first stage of problem solving, understanding stage jobs, it is useful to try to answer the question: “is it possible to satisfy the condition?” is not always able to answer this question, but sometimes it can be done.
Responding to the question: “is it possible to satisfy the condition?”, it is useful to find out whether the clearly formulated objective, not whether it contains redundant or conflicting data. At the same time, it is apparent whether there is enough data to solve the math problem.

Drawing up a plan

Drawing up a plan for solving the problem. Drawing up a plan for math solver of the problem, perhaps, is a major step towards solving it. Properly plan for solving the problem almost guarantees the correct solution. But the plan can be a complex and lengthy process. There is, therefore, an urgent need to offer student unobtrusive questions, tips, help him better and faster plan for solving the problem, “open” to the idea of its decision:
Is known for any related task? A similar task? If this or a related task is known, then the plan for solving the problem will not be difficult. But not always, related to the solved task is known. In this case, can help in planning decisions by the Council.

Mathematical concepts

Think, do you know the task to which you can minimize the problem. If the task is known for a critical path, a plan of solving this problem is obvious: minimize to task being solved earlier. You may find that the task is an unknown sister decisive and he can’t bring this task to a well-known. The plan immediately compile fails.
You should take advantage of Council: “try to formulate the task differently.” In other words, try to rephrase the task without changing its mathematical content.
With the reformulation of the objectives enjoy, either the database definitions of mathematical concepts (replace terms their definitions) or signs (more precisely, sufficient conditions). It should be noted that the ability of the learner to redraft the text of tasks is a measure of understanding of the mathematical content of the task.