How to solve math problems

How to understand mathematics?
Learning formulas, theorems and axioms useless without understanding mathematical laws and theories. Particular attention should be paid to the ability to draw conclusions from a set of claims. And this is a subsidiary of the science-mathematical logic.
How to understand math problems?
1. The greatest difficulties with math students have with humanitarian mentality. Their problem is precisely that they can not penetrate into the essence of laws of science. But even people far from accurate calculations can significantly advance knowledge of mathematical theory in systematic studies.

2. Start anew. Mathematics, like any other exact science requires knowledge and understanding of all formulas from the lesson 1. Thoughtfully read the wording of theorems and their proofs. Disassemble until you have no shadow of a doubt. Ask your teacher that you are not clear.

3. After reading several topics from textbook algebra or geometry, you will notice that they use several methods of evidence-somewhere easier to explain the method of contradiction, and somewhere to find a solution by using induction. Try to memorize them. This is very useful for the development of logical thinking. Do not leave any misunderstanding in theory. On this misunderstanding will be screwed like a snowball, and you come to what you started. Try proving each theorem to see how this knowledge you need in practice.

4. Several thousand years ago, the founder of the geometry of Euclid said that in mathematics there is no Imperial ways. If you have trouble understanding her laws, universal easy ways you won’t find. Exercise regularly, try to find a solution not ready formulas, and withdraw it from simpler ones. For example, any ending at 5 a two-digit number can be easily erected in degree. To do so, just multiply the first digit multiplied by it same with added one and the next attribute 25. Try to erect the number 85 in the square: 8 * (8 +1) = 72. Allocate 25 and receive number 7225. This is 85 ². Try not to use a calculator.

5. Try to provide all the solutions clearly. Learn how to draw graphs of functions. Finding such graphics calculator solution to a complicated formulas, you’ll know that you will succeed in the end. You should be able to depict and trigonometric functions sin, cos, tg, ctg. development of spatial thinking is especially important for girls.

6. If you feel that you do not handle, do not hesitate to contact a specialist. If you are studying at school-ask the teacher to explain, if you are studying at the Institute or are engaged in self-education-hire a tutor. Now many talented mathematicians advises her students via the Internet through messengers. Find such professionals you can work remotely on exchanges.