Math problems solve by graphing calculator

Formation of skills to Solve by graphing calculator is one of the main objectives of teaching mathematics in elementary school.

solve by graphing calculator


When learning the decision text tasks necessary to achieve two interrelated goals: train:

1) address certain types of tasks, which is important because it gives the necessary experience and ability to highlight in TAKS those subtasks, whose solution is known. In addition, each new task, you can use familiar tools and techniques

2) techniques for finding a solution to any problem, because, in practice, have to meet the challenges in finding a solution where no previous experience does not help and you want to guess, “opening”.

Solve by graphing calculator

Can I help the learner to come to such a guess, give him some adjuvant “discovery”?

In order to solve the problem, you need to build a mathematical model of it, and then apply the known techniques to find the numeric value of the desired values.

Cosmetic items, interrelations and relations variables using lines and with the observance of a certain scale is called schematic drawing or diagram.

The text of any story you can represent tasks graphically. This is the transition from verbal to other forms of simulation modeling.

To build a model of any story, you must allocate the tasks in the task objective values, fix all relationships to based on this model, it was possible to continue the analysis, enabling you to plan and search for optimal solutions.

Solve the system of equations by graphing calculator

Drawing on a drawing, you can easily answer the question task. Graphic image makes it possible to more closely establish the link between arithmetic and geometric material, develop functional thinking of children.

Through the application of graphic method in elementary school, you can shorten the time during which the apprentice learns to perform various tasks. At the same time the ability to graphically solve the problem is an important skill to a Polytechnic.

Graphical method gives the ability to sometimes answer the question such tasks that children still cannot solve arithmetic way.

Graphical information easier to understand, more succinct, and, however, can be quite conditional.

Firstly, it makes the pupil read text tasks

Secondly, it allows to transfer part of the mental activities within a practical and secure a result as a tangible object

Thirdly, it provides an opportunity to look for a solution on their own.

For this purpose it is necessary to first class teach children split the task text semantic part and simulate a situation reflected in the task.

Solve the system by graphing calculator

The systematic use of graphical simulation would provide a more qualitative analysis tasks, informed, and informed choice of the necessary arithmetic actions and warn many bugs in the problem solving.

Thus, it is better to have the children imagined life situation, reflected in a task easier mapping dependencies between values and selecting the action became for them a conscious and conclusive, it is necessary to systematically teach children modeling, starting with full substantive images numeric relationship between variables with a demonstration of the steps of the task.

Then you should move to a more generalized probation substantive and graphic modelling, short-circuiting the task using the generated before the eyes of the children and the children themselves, drawing, diagram, and then you can move on to a higher level of abstraction using ready-made generalized reference schemas and tables.

Graphical mathematics problem solving in 1 class

Multimedia material helps illustrate the work on the task.

This presentation can be used as a Visual demonstration when learning tasks in class 1. Task analysis is supplemented by animated figure, and the schema has a record of decision and response for self-validation.

Read the task from the Board, analyze, select the main word. Clicking a computer mouse emphasizes the main words in red. Then sequentially for clicks you receive a Visual representation to the task-drawing and schematic.

In the work of selected tasks of all types with which students learn grades 1. These tasks can be used at the beginning of the 2-nd class lessons. By analogy it is possible to make the texts of other tasks.

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