Top 3 Books to Learn Math for Data Science Right Now

One of the readers left a comment asking for the best books to learn math necessary for data science. I thought that was a wonderful idea! If you are eager to strengthen your mathematical foundation and really understand the inner workings of machine learning algorithms, this will give you a great start!

Introduction to Linear Algebra

Linear algebra is core to understanding most of today’s machine learning algorithms. In my opinion, there is no better introductory text on linear algebra than Gilbert Strang’s Introduction to Linear Algebra. What other linear algebra book has 4 stars and over 100 ratings on Amazon? Plus, you can get his course online for free via MIT’s open courseware. If you still struggle to understand the linear algebra of machine learning, then look no further than this book to build your knowledge. Strang is an excellent teacher and his course covers topics such as least squares, eigenvalues/eigenvectors, and singular value decomposition.

The Matrix Calculus You Need For Deep Learning

From’s Jeremey Howard, who strives to make deep learning approachable, comes a great “book” that covers all the matrix calculus necessary for deep learning. The goal of this paper is to, “explain all the matrix calculus you need in order to understand the training of deep neural networks.” I think it does a great job and I have yet to find anything as approachable and focused on the calculus necessary for deep learning. If you need a refresher on the basics of calculus, check out the introductory book from Gilbert Strang on the subject. It’s free!

Doing Bayesian Data Analysis

Once you’ve got linear algebra and calculus down, its time to move onto statistics. There are many ways in which you might learn the foundations of stats, but my favorite way is to focus on Bayesian statistics. Bayesian methods will force you to really understand probability and sampling. My favorite book for this area is Doing Bayesian Data Analysis. This book does an amazing job of starting with the basics and building to advanced topics. What is even better are the included examples with data and code! The examples are in R. If you want some similar examples but in Python, check out Bayesian Methods for Hackers.

Now that you understand linear algebra, calculus, and statistics check out the Deep Learning book. Not only will it provide a refresher on the mathematics, but it will also show you how all the math connects to make deep learning algorithms work.
Hopefully, you find these books as helpful as I have. If you take the time to really understand the concepts they cover, you will be well on your way to truly understanding how machine learning algorithms work.
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The best student laptops 2020

The best student laptops don’t always have to be the cheapest on the market. While budget laptops tend to be great candidates for students who are trying to be economical, paying a few extra bucks for a couple of extra useful features could be more advantageous. Similarly, while students generally don’t need high-powered laptops, you can never go wrong with having a big more power.

That said, the best laptops for college students do need to fit a few criteria. They, of course, have to be affordable, even though they don’t necessarily have to be cheap. They also need to deliver performance-wise, so they can handle a student’s particular workload as well as streaming and perhaps light gaming post-course work. And, finally, they must have a great battery life, hopefully enough to last a whole school day on a single charge.

HP Chromebook 14


best student laptops HP Chromebook 14

Don’t have a lot of cash to buy the most expensive laptop around? You might not need anything super powerful – you’ll mostly be accessing the web, creating work documents from home, and watching some YouTube and Netflix. If that’s you, the HP Chromebook 14-db0003na should serve you well.

This HP Chromebook 14 starts inexpensively for an AMD A4-9120 CPU, 4GB of RAM, 32GB of eMMC storage, and an HD (1,366 X 768) resolution 14-inch display. Yes, that’s right. This is the second Chromebook powered by AMD that we’re reviewing.

Not only is it a very inexpensive home-office laptop, but it’s also quite unique. And that gives it enough of an advantage to be worth investing your very limited budget.


Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1


Dell’s Inspiron line of laptops may not be its most premium family, but that hasn’t kept some of the best features and performance hardware from showing up here.

The Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 Black Edition (or Dell Inspiron 7390) is a testament to that, with exclusively high-end internals, a premium design, a 4K display, and a clever stylus slot that makes us wonder whether they actually beat Microsoft to the idea.

The Dell Inspiron 13 7000 2-in-1 serves as a launching point for Dell’s latest Inspiron 13 7000-series laptops. That’s because Dell was quick to move on from this model. It was effectively the ultimate version of the Inspiron 13 7000-series just before Dell took the leap into 10th-Gen Intel Core processors.

MacBook Air 2020

The MacBook Air 2020 feels like a much bigger step up from the MacBook Air 2019 without a doubt. Apple has given it new components, giving it a decent uptick in performance, and upped its minimum storage capacity so that instead of starting with a paltry 128GB, you’re getting double the storage.

That’s not all. Our biggest issue with previous models was how under-powered they felt, especially compared to many Windows-based laptops around the same price tag. There were far too many compromises, especially when it came to processing power and storage space, and each yearly update felt like a small step up, rather than a revolutionary jump.

Thankfully, the MacBook Air 2020 has made up for that. For the first time, it also now has configurations with quad-core processors and up to 16GB of RAM on hand, making this year’s models more powerful than their predecessors. And, it does all of this without costing more and neglecting that all-important thin and light design which the MacBook Air is famous for.

In a pleasant surprise, the MacBook Air (2020) has launched at a new lower price for its entry-level model.

Buy it if…

You want an affordable MacBook
The MacBook Air (2020) finally delivers on the promise of an affordable MacBook that doesn’t feel like there have been too many compromises.

Don’t buy it if…

You want the most powerful laptop
While Apple has updated the specs of the MacBook Air, and finally added quad-core CPU options, this is still not a laptop designed for seriously heavy workloads.


Gadgets for Learning Maths

Maths is one of those subjects that children tend to either love or hate as they are growing up, and for those who hate maths or find it difficult, sometimes a little encouragement by way of a gadget or electronic game can be the thing that stimulates their interest and stops them giving up on the subject.

There are plenty of different options if you’re looking for the ideal way to introduce a younger child to the toys of maths. One gadget that might take their fancy is the ‘Maths Whiz’ from Learning Resources, which is suitable for children over the age of six, and teaches the basics of addition, subtraction, multiplication and division on a cute interactive pad.

There are different levels for different abilities and the toy is designed to combat boredom with plenty of settings to choose from.

Or there’s the ‘Maths Shark’ gadget which is a similar console, for children to use to practice their maths skills on. It’s a portable games style console that gives you quizzes on different areas of maths including fractions, decimals and percentages. It can also be used as a calculator.

Maths and Computer Games

An interest in maths is bound to follow with an interest in computers, so encourage a potential technical expert by letting your child learn and practice maths on computer games – whether they are proper ‘grown-up’ computers or their own games consoles.

A study back in 2002 indicated that as well as strategic thinking and problem solving skills, computer games could help improve maths and English skills, so it’s OK to let your kids play computer games that aren’t specifically learning oriented.

If you’re looking for games that are, though, you could look into the Nintendo DS range of brain training games. A 2007 study showed that playing a particular brain training game could have been responsible for helping to increased children’s maths skills dramatically! 30 children aged between nine and ten played the “Dr Kawashima’s More Brain Training” game for about 15 minutes every day before lessons. The games involve number challenges, problem-solving exercises and memory puzzles. Another school used a similar ‘Brain Gym’ game for the same amount of time, and a control group did neither.

The skills of the group who used the Brain Training game improved more over ten weeks, than either of the other two groups. As a bonus, the behavior of the group improved with pupils appearing to be calmer and focused. Although the study was small scale, it does look promising!

Learning on the PC

If you have a PC at home you can make maths fun, with a wide range of maths-based PC games that suit children of all ages.

The ‘I love’ range of CD Rom computer games is based on the national curriculum and the maths version involves fun characters who try to bring everyday situations involving maths to life. The game aims to boost the child’s understanding of concepts like fractions, geometry, and measurements, and help them develop the skills needed to use maths in the ‘real world.’

For older children and teens there are computer-based maths tutorials that can be used for GCSE and A level learning, and help to reinforce the lessons they are having at school.

Magoosh LSAT Review 04/2020

The Magoosh LSAT review course is about as simple as it gets with regard to studying for the law school entrance exam. This prep option is great for students who want an affordable and customizable review platform through which they can prepare for the test.

With video lessons, explanation-laden content, and a bank of practice questions, the Magoosh LSAT prep course is designed with the user in mind. Experienced tutors are also available for email assistance, which should help with any studying roadblocks.


1. Value

If you’re looking for the best bang for your buck studying method, this might be it. With unmatched pricing and plenty of features available to subscribers, the Magoosh LSAT review is a great value for future legal professionals. Both packages are affordable and provide access to plenty of content that will guide you through your studying processes and adequately prepare you for the exam. You can now get starter and premium plans starting at $129 & $229, respectively, for 3 months access.

2. Guarantee

Though the price for this course is relatively low, Magoosh will still refund you on your purchase. If you email within 7 days of trying the premium account, then they will send you a full refund. It’s one of the simple, no strings attached guarantees that consumers will struggle to find these days.

3. Ease of Use

The Magoosh LSAT review program is based on the idea of a simplistic approach to test taking and preparation. Video lessons explain exactly what you need to know, and you have the power to navigate through the course at your own speed. If you have only twenty minutes after work and want to brush up on a certain section, just watch a video and do a couple practice problems – this is an incredibly easy to use prep tool.

4. Strategic Overview

The basis of any good LSAT strategy should be the overarching approach to taking the test. In this regard, Magoosh really takes the cake. Their experts really walk you through the best strategies for approaching your studying, ensuring that you don’t waste precious hours going over the wrong materials. A bare bones, essentials only approach to the test is what you pay for, and for many, it’s really all that is needed.


1. Number of Questions

While some courses may provide you with access to hundreds upon hundreds of practice queries, or entire practice exams, the Magoosh LSAT now has 7,000 questions through a partnership with LSAC, you now get access to over 7,000 official practice questions. Additionally, the hundreds of hours of instructional videos should help to fill any gaps.

2. Limited Free or Additional Resources

This is a bare bones course package – you get what you pay for. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but for those who are looking for a ton of additional content and gimmicky games and tools, the Magoosh course isn’t the ideal choice. If you’re busy and looking to simply study on your free time, this is your best bet.


The Magoosh LSAT review course is designed in a manner that makes it appealing to people who are busy, on-the-go, self-studiers, and able to apply their existing knowledge to the law exam studying process. This isn’t going to be the best choice for someone who wants to take part in group learning – it’s the perfect insularly option for those not looking to collaborate.

Video content isn’t everyone’s favorite method for studying, but for those who like to have access to a full bank of informative and well-thought-out instructional videos, this is the top of the class. Expert instructors provide videos to explain certain concepts and overall game plans, and each practice question has a corresponding video explanation.

If you’re like many people who are planning on taking the LSAT, you’ve got a lot going on. Keeping up with a rigorous study schedule may not be possible, so being able to cater the course to your lifestyle is important. This is the idea behind the Magoosh LSAT review – it’s built for people who may have class, work, or both, and who require a prep tool that can accommodate their busy lifestyle.


The Magoosh LSAT review is different than almost any LSAT prep tool on the market. It’s incredibly cheap and has a great 7-day trial period, so you’re going to be making a minimum investment regardless of whether or not you intend to finish using the course.

You’ll be hard pressed to find a better deal than this review course, but you may end up needing more materials if you aren’t the quickest learner. Still, for the price and given the depth of knowledge of the experts behind creating the content, this is a tool that will be an instant hit for those who need a minimal approach to studying.

More than 50 video lessons on logic games, reading comprehension, and logical reasoning
250 explanation videos to LSAC’s official LSAT PrepTests
150+ practice questions
Email assistance from experienced tutors
7-day free trial
Money back guarantee
Full access to course until time period runs out
The Magoosh LSAT Review 3-Month Premium
Price: $129
Includes: 500 practice questions, more than 250 explanation videos, 50 video lessons for logic games, reading comprehension and logical reasons, 3 months of unlimited access, and email assistance from qualified tutors.

The Magoosh LSAT Review 12-Month Premium
Price: $149
Includes:500 practice questions, more than 250 explanation videos, 50 video lessons for logic games, reading comprehension and logical reasons, 12 months of unlimited access, and email assistance from qualified tutors.

Maths Solved Questions For Class 8 With Answers

Download CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths . Exemplar problems and its answers are also available to download. Solutions of all questions are described completely. for offline use which works without the internet also.

CBSE NCERT Solutions for Class 8 Maths

Chapter 1: Rational Numbers
Chapter 2: Linear Equations in One Variable
Chapter 3: Understanding Quadrilaterals
Chapter 4: Practical Geometry
Chapter 5: Data Handling
Chapter 6: Square and Square Roots
Chapter 7: Cube and Cube Roots
Chapter 8: Comparing Quantities
Chapter 9: Algebraic Expressions and Identities
Chapter 10: Visualizing Solid Shapes
Chapter 11: Mensuration
Chapter 12: Exponents and Powers
Chapter 13: Direct and Inverse Proportions
Chapter 14: Factorization
Chapter 15: Introduction to Graphs
Chapter 16: Playing with Numbers.

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