Best Graphing Calculator

After several hours of research, I finally made my selection of the 4 best graphing calculators among more than fifteen models available at the moment.

Whether it is for your studies, as a replacement, or if you simply want to get better grades in mathematics, getting a powerful graphing calculator is the best solution. These devices can help you visualize complex mathematical concepts related to a multitude of topics, virtually anywhere you need to create graphs. To study in an optimal way, it is an essential tool.


This article should make your research easier as it provides you with the best graphic calculators at the best price. It may not be a huge investment, but it is still important to make the right choice and get the device that will best help you in your learning efforts.

The selection was made according to the most important criterion, i.e. whether the product offers good value for money. They can be different in terms of features and prices, but the only thing these graphing calculators have in common is that they are all very good investments.

Best graphic calculator for the university

Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus CE Graphing Calculator

Texas Instruments TI-84 Best graphic calculator

The Texas Instruments TI-84 is based on the highly popular TI-83 Plus graphing calculator and has better performance; more memory, an improved display with higher contrast, and more popular applications. It is a versatile graphing calculator that is perfect for addressing math and science problems. At such a good price, it is a very economical solution if you need a graphing calculator.

The TI-84 uses MathPrint technology that creates a more attractive experience for students, allowing them to enter fractions and equations using the appropriate notation. In this way, they can see it displayed as printed in texts. For exams, this graphing calculator is approved by standardized testing agencies for use in many university entrance exams.

A multifunctional educational tool, it offers a generously sized LCD screen that can display many graphs and plotted equations. Among the included applications we can include Conic Graphing, Polynomial Root Finder, and Vernier EasyData. It is possible to visualize an equation with its graph and coordinates at the same time and, the calculator includes many useful functions for statistics such as regression, graphing, and data analysis.

Since the calculator is not a particularly simple tool to use, especially for inexperienced users, Texas Instruments provides many useful resources and reliable access to technical service representatives.

Able to handle almost anything you throw at it, the Texas Instruments TI-84 has the potential to be your ideal companion for better learning and understanding of difficult mathematical concepts. Most people who have tried it can swear that they would not have passed some courses without this practical calculator! Equipped with so many rich features, this graphic calculator is your best guarantee for such a high price level.


Best cheap graphic calculator

Casio fx-9750GII Graphing Calculator

Best cheap graphic calculator

Ready to use, the Casio fx-9750GII brings great added value to the scientific calculator model. It has a large operating memory, USB connectivity and AP functions that provide a useful package for any student. For those who don’t want to spend too much money on this kind of tool, it seems to be the best choice on the market today.

One of the most important aspects of this graphical calculator is its user-oriented design. Casio understands that in any classroom, you need an intuitive user interface that students can master quickly and efficiently. To improve the student’s understanding, it comes with a high-resolution LCD screen with enlarged dot-zone technology. This helps a lot with image sharpness and elements such as formulas, graphs or statistical data are more clearly represented.

The CPU is another area where the fx-9750GII is not missing. It can do accurate and fast calculations and the 62KB RAM is sufficient for long calculations and complex graphs. It may not offer the performance of the most expensive models, but for general use, this model is surprisingly reliable.

USB connectivity allows convenient data sharing with other calculators. You can also connect it to a PC, but the Program Link software must be purchased separately. The use of the Casio is allowed for many university entrance exams and for exams.

There may be things that this graphing calculator cannot do, but if you want to cover a reasonably wide range of problems, this device could be an appropriate choice. For those who want to save money, this is one of the best cheap graphing calculators. Considering the CPU, the software features, the high-resolution LCD screen and above all the intuitive user interface, this purchase is a matter of course.

Best scientific graphing calculator

HP G8X92AA LA Prime v2 Graphing Calculator

Best scientific graphing calculator

If you want a more modern approach to graphic calculators, the HP Prime v2 is one of the most robust tools on the market. It features a colour touch screen and keyboard interaction, as well as training assessment tools and intuitive mathematical applications. To complement this attractive feature, HP has added a long-lasting rechargeable battery to this device that can perform many complex tasks.

HP has implemented a wide range of applications in such a small software package. In addition to spreadsheet applications, you have access to dynamic geometry, CAS and advanced graphics. To easily switch between symbolic, graphical and numerical table views, Prime v2 offers dedicated buttons.

The calculator has a very fine design, the brushed metal giving off a certain feeling of luxury. To protect the device when not in use, HP includes a pluggable protective case in the package. If you want to use this calculator to take an exam, you can rest assured that the Prime v2 is approved by the school board of directors to take many math exams.

From a hardware point of view, the LA Prime v2 is extremely graphically efficient, but HP has also done an excellent job in terms of software. The integrated tool suite is quite impressive and includes the HP Equation Writer and the HP Solve application. The first one supports a lot of linear and non-linear equations solving and the second one is a real time saving because it allows you to store equations while solving variables.

The HP G8X92AA LA Prime v2 is one of the most advanced graphics calculators you can buy. Learning to master one of these techniques will ensure that you will easily pass all your difficult tests. The familiar HP keyboard combined with the 3.5-inch multi-touch touch screen creates an exceptional computing experience and the integrated tool suite will greatly simplify your process of understanding difficult topics.

Best graphical calculator for calculation

Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX Graphing Calculator

Best graphical calculator for calculation

With many innovative features and a wide range of teaching methods, Texas Instruments’ TI-Nspire CX is the ideal tool to improve the understanding of complex mathematics and science subjects. This device offers a good solution being delivered in a slim design with a color display and a rechargeable battery, all at a reasonable price.

Suitable to meet the requirements of college to university math and science programs, it is a robust pocket tool to improve the learning process. An interesting feature is the ability to establish concrete connections with the real world by importing digital images. You can have your own images and then easily superimpose graphs and equations to better visualize how mathematical and scientific concepts work in the world of physics.

TI-Nspire CX has integrated mathematical models to allow students to enter expressions and better see mathematical symbols and formulas, just as they are printed in textbooks or written on the board. Thanks to the unique feature of Chem Box, students are also able to introduce chemical formulas and equations.

The great thing about this calculator is the navigation approach used by Texas Instruments. Intuitive drop-down menus guide the user through the many functions of the calculator. Creating documents and pages can be done comfortably while saving your work.

If you want to take it with you to the exam, no problem. Many high-level exams accept it as well as some state exams. This graphing calculator is equipped with a rechargeable battery that eliminates the need to constantly replace ordinary alkaline batteries.

One of the best graphing calculators on the market, the Texas Instruments TI-Nspire CX works perfectly and keeps its promises. Quick calculations are displayed on a dynamic screen and the buttons are intuitively arranged to be easier to find. Overall, this device is highly recommended if you need a reliable graphing calculator for your courses.